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Sharing a friend's Words

                                   The Keys

The keys to the kingdom  are given to those who believe;

Delivering and setting free anyone who will receive;

The keys can open doors the world once closed;

Revealing God's glory with a new story to be told.

Honor Him and take hold of the keys. 


                             Who Has Your Keys
Eliakim held the keys to David's house to use as he saw fit;
However, he wore them with care about his neck;
With this  honor he was humbled,  to this task he would commit.
Who  holds the keys to your heart?
Make it Jesus!
With  His love and grace He'll never depart;
He'll be a gentleman and ask if He can enter  in;
Only you  can release your guard and allow Him to be your friend.
Who has your keys?

The House Love Built

Love built my house when the enemy came to destroy me.
You protected me from his snares and sent armour  bearing soldiers to surround me with love;
Their prayers, love, gifts and cheers for victory gave me life;
Satan attempted to destroy me with doubt, and fear;
But looked down from Heaven and poured me out an unbelievable blessing of love.
Love built my house!
Vision designed it's walls and faith completed it.
You became my Chief Cornerstone.
Love keeps me;
Love holds me;
Love makes me smile;
Love makes me praise ;
Love makes me worship;
Love lifts me;
Love surrounds me;
Love lifts me;
Love is my source;
Your love Lord built my house.